Young Black Entrepreneurs in America

The average unemployment rate has decreased for the general population. While that is great news for this nation, others are still looking at a uncertain future. College graduates surprisingly have an unemployment rate almost triple the national average. Could the nations future be showing signs of weakness when the most educated people make up the largest number of out of work individuals?

A Real Solution

New business start-ups are thought to some as being the engine to this society, and the secret to stimulating the economy. At a time when many large companies are failing, it may be the right atmosphere to pick up where they are lacking, and take back local business opportunities.

Entrepreneurship in this country is a must in order to thrive. It is a vital part of building our struggling economy. It develops new brands, jobs, skills, services, and educates. Entrepreneurs are the key to innovation and the creation of new products and ideas. Without it, we would not have the technologies and devices we have today.

Someone who is out of work or just driven to pursue a unique idea can create wonderful opportunities for themselves, as well as others. Entrepreneurship is a way to provide change from within the local communities and get people back to work.

Now is the time to act on new ideas as the government offers financial assistance and tax breaks to small business owners. Entrepreneurs are usually offered lower interest loans through banks and credit unions. The Obama health reforms even offer better benefits to start-up companies and those smaller in size.

The Minority Benefit

It is no secret that due to poor economy, many are suffering. Unfortunately, minorities are feeling the burn of a high unemployment rate more than others. The unemployment rate for black and African American citizens is an astonishing 14%. Within that group, the most jobless people are people between the ages of 16 and 19, and black males over the age of 20.

Many believe the solution to getting people back to work in through entrepreneurship. By increasing the number of opportunities for small business owners, it will be more likely that minorities will receive funding to begin their own company. Minority run businesses have great benefits to the communities they serve. They are the job makers for their local citizens, and can stimulate the economy in their own area.

Entrepreneur Programs For Minorities

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